Fairchild Farm Mixed Avocado Box - 7 lb. + Box

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Avocados (Persea americana) found in our mixed boxes are harvested from the Vaughn-Jordan collection and the Heritage collection at the Fairchild Farm.
Season dictating, we harvest the most unique and the most outstanding avocados from our two collections.
Most avocados in the collection are West Indian or "Florida Avocado" varieties, but some of our most popular and interesting avocados are the West Indian hybridized with the Guatemalan and Mexican avocados.
Some Cultivars: Blas, Brogden, Catalina, Choquette, Derna Fuentes, Donnie, Hall, Hardee, Juan Jose, Kampong, Loretta, Marcus Pumpkin, Pura Vida, Russell, Simonds, and Zapotagua. (7-10 lb. box)
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