The Million Orchid Project Caribbean Kit – Four Caribbean native species bundle (Tree species)

The Million Orchid Project Caribbean Kit – Four Caribbean native species bundle (Tree species)

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Join the Million Orchid Project and be a part of introducing four captivating Caribbean orchid species to South Florida! These native Caribbean orchids will not only add beauty to our landscapes but also enrich our ecosystem in unique ways. Given the similarities in climate and habitat between the Caribbean and South Florida, these orchids are well-suited to thrive in our environment, contributing to biodiversity and ecological resilience. Your restoration package includes 12 orchid seedlings: 3 each of the newly introduced species, all cultivated from seedlings at Fairchild Garden. Additionally, you'll receive attachment materials and an informational package.

Please allow up to 30 days for delivery.

Myrmecophila brysiana, a stunning Caribbean orchid species, boasts vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Its flowering period extends throughout the year, bringing continuous bursts of color to your backyard. Usually found growing along rivers and seashores in dense mangroves in Central America, southeast Mexico and the Caribbean. These beautiful flowers show significant variation and may indicate this is more than one species.

Encyclia plicate, known for its delightful blooms, brings a touch of Caribbean vibrancy to South Florida. Flourishing in the warm climate of the region, it graces the landscape with its flowers from spring through autumn. Native to Cuba and the Bahamas, it thrives at elevations ranging from sea level to 200 meters, boasting acute leaves and blooming primarily in spring and early summer. This sizable Encyclia species thrives in a hot environment with high humidity, preferably mounted on wood, and benefits from a period of rest after growth matures until new growth emerges in late winter.

Brassavola yaki, a rare gem from the Caribbean, it is a cross of B. cucullata x B. nodosa. It’s considered a "primary hybrid" because it is a cross between two species. A beautiful hybrid where colors have varying hues of lavender and spotting that exude a sweet fragrance at night. Its blooms adorn the trees year-round, attracting pollinators and admirers alike.

Brassavola nodosa, known as “the lady of the night”, it is a native of the Caribbean. Its white blooms grace the trees from May to August, adding a touch of tropical beauty to the landscape. This elegant plant is a must have for any collection due to its easy growth habit and flower longevity. Brassavola Nodosa is also known for its exceptionally strong fragrance which is emitted primarily after dark to attract night-pollinating moths.

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