Tapeinochilos ananassae

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  • full sun
  • partial sun

For many years this incredible ginger was a showstopper in our Rare Plant House, where we kept it warm and protected. Now, as our winters have become more mild, it seems just as happy growing outdoors. Native to the Spice Islands of Indonesia and parts of New Guinea and Australia, the pineapple ginger thrives in our steamy weather. It puts on a fantastic show from springtime through late summer, with inflorescences that look like bright red upside-down pineapples and remain fresh for six months or more. The twisty foliage and reddish, bamboo-like canes are also attractive. We are thrilled to finally offer this amazing plant. (Pot size: 3 gallon)

Pineapple gingers grow happily in full or partial sun and require year-round moisture. Grow in a 1:1:1 mixture of pine bark mulch, peat moss, and good topsoil for best results.

See our article in the Miami Herald for more information.

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