Schippia concolor

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  • full sun
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'Silver Pimento Palm' is a very slow growing, medium-sized palm. Schippia concolor is single-stemmed (solitary) and has fan-shaped (palmate) leaves that are shiny green and deeply split. It is the sole species in the genus Schippia (monotypic genus). This palm became part of Fairchild’s collection in 1966. Although Schippia concolor can reach a height of 15 to 30 feet in its natural habitat, our tallest plants are less than 10 feet tall, and they have been growing here for decades. Seeds from this parent plant were propagated at the Fairchild Nursery in 2020 and now this palm is available for sale. ‘Silver Pimento Palm’ is native to Belize and Guatemala and is found growing in open and closed dry forests. As it does well in dry forests, it also thrives in our Tropical Monsoon climate here in South Florida. Schippia concolor prefers full to partial sun and moist well-draining soil. This elegant palm is easily grown in tropical and subtropical gardens but can also make a nice potted plant. (Pot size: 3 gallons)

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