Gaussia attenuata

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  • drought tolerant plant
  • full sun
Palma de lluvia is a solitary pinnate-leaved palm, with a native range from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, where it grows in open humid forests on rocky calcareous steep hill slopes. It is tall, slender, and graceful and considerably storm resistant. Gaussia attenuata is a slow grower, but it can attain a height up to 20 meters tall, often exceeding the height of surrounding vegetation. It has an unusual swollen stem at the base, displaying a mass of robust roots. The crown is formed of 5-7 leaves. Fruits are orange-red. Due to reduction of its habitat by the expansion of agriculture, this palm is very rare in nature and has been listed on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. Provide full sun and alkaline well-draining soil. Can withstand periods of drought once established. (Pot size: 4 gallon)
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