Ficus trichopoda

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  • attracts birds
  • full sun
The swamp or hippo fig is a medium tree or shrub native to the swamps and riverine forests of tropical southern Africa. It has large attractive leaves with light colored veins contrasting with a glossy green background. The veins are reddish on young leaves. The leaves are somewhat reminiscent of those of the sea grape. It is the only "banyan-like" fig of southern Africa (with aerial roots that can become trunk-like) and is also unique in its fondness for "wet feet". This makes it a perfect fig for lakesides, pondsides and other wet areas. It may even do well in a pond, though we haven't tried growing it as an emergent aquatic yet. The bright red figs are eaten by birds and other wildlife. Prefers full sun. (Pot size: 3 gallon)
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