Ficus deltoidea var. borneensis

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Mistletoe fig makes an excellent houseplant and loves to be in a pot. This species naturally grows on rocks or tree branches and thus unlike many other figs, it is used to having a smaller space for its roots.  It needs good drainage, bright light and occasional watering. 

There are many forms of Ficus deltoidea, varying widely in leaf shape, plant habit and fig size an and shape.

Var. borneensis form has large tear-drop shaped leaves with a “Y-shaped” vein structure.  Under the right conditions it develops a striking orange coloration underneath.  It’s figs are quite distinctive somewhat resembling little mandarin oranges in overall shape but with more of a golden color.  It has an upright habit and can get rather tall, but responds well to pruning to a desired shape and height. (Pot size: 1.5 gallon)

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