Codiaeum variegatum ‘Glen Roof’

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  • partial sun
  • shade
Codiaeum variegatum ‘Glen Roof’, also known as ‘Croton’, is a tropical perennial shrub appreciated for its vibrant and colorful foliage. It belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae and is native to parts of Southeast Asia and the western Pacific Region. Adorned with vibrant shades of yellow, green and burgundy and subtle shades of pink, it has long lanceolate leaves with beautiful veination. ‘Glen Roof’ has a preference for being more shaded than sun-drenched, being most content in dappled shade. It is moderately drought-tolerant once established, but does best with regular irrigation. This cultivar will add a splash of color to the tropical landscape but can also make an excellent addition to a patio, deck or terrace as a potted specimen. (Pot size: 3 gallon)
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