Agave gypsophila

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  • partial sun

‘Gypsum Century Plant’ is a compact succulent that typically grows as a solitary rosette. It reaches heights of 2 to 3 feet and has a similar width. The rosette is comprised of unique gray leaves with undulating edges, adorned with small, soft spines along their margins. The young leaves emerge in a pale gray-green hue and are initially tubular in shape before unfurling into wavy, grayer leaves. As the plant matures, it may produce a few offshoots at its base. Occasionally, it will bloom with orange-yellow flowers that are borne on a tall 6 to 8-foot panicle. Agave gypsophila prefers well-draining soil, either in partial shade or under morning sun. Its distinct appearance sets it apart from most other Agave species, making it an intriguing addition to gardens or suitable for container cultivation. The botanical name Agave gypsophila reflects its natural habitat, as it is found growing on hillsides rich in gypsum and calcareous soils in various Mexican states. (Pot size: 1 gallon)

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