The Million Orchid Project Restoration Kit - Four native species bundle (Tree and Ground species)

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Be part of the Million orchid Project! You can help restore rare Florida orchids in your own backyard trees. Your restoration package will include 12 orchid seedlings (3 ea. of  Encyclia tampensis, Epidendrum nocturnum, Trichocentrum undulatum, and Oncidium ensatum) attachment materials, and informational package. (All orchids are cultivated from seed at Fairchild Garden). Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
Encyclia tampensis aslo known as the “Florida Butterfly Orchid” is native to the Bahamas, Cuba, and Florida. The flowering period is May-August with a peak in June. In Florida this orchid grows on a wide variety of native trees including live oak, mahogany, strangler fig, slash pine, bald cypress, buttonwood, and pond apple.

Epidendrum nocturnum also called the "Night Fragrant Epidendrum" this tropical orchid grows throughout the swamps and tropical hammocks in the southern part of Florida. Their elegant green and white flowers are very fragrant at night and can flower any time of the year. It grows well on a variety of hardwood trees and prefers the shadiest branches.

Trichocentrum undulatum also known as the “Mule Eared Orchid”, is native to extreme southern Florida, it is also found in Cuba, the West Indies, Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. These orchids grow in medium to high light on the trunks and branches of hardwood trees and mangroves. They have long leathery, folded leaves that can reach over 5 feet in length.

Oncidium ensatum: also known as the “Florida Oncidium” is a native ground orchid that grows in densely shaded hammocks. It can also be partially epiphytic, growing at the bases of trees. It is distributed in tropical America but only extends into extreme southern Florida.
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