Borrichia frutescens

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  • attracts butterflies
  • full sun
  • native plant
  • partial sun
Silver sea-oxeye-daisy is a perennial shrub with silvery-green leaves and attractive yellow flowers. Its native range is eastern and southeastern United States, the West Indies (Bahamas) and southern Mexico. Borrichia frutescens is a common element of coastal areas, especially the ecotones between mangrove swamps and coastal uplands. Grow in full sun to light shade and wet to moist well-drained soil. Can tolerate brackish water or occasional inundation by salt water. Provides moderate amounts of food and cover for wildlife. Nectar plant for great southern white (Ascia monuste), gulf fritillary (Agraulis vanillae), large orange sulphur (Phoebis agarithe), southern broken-dash (Wallengrenia otho) and other butterflies. (Pot size: 1 gallon)
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