Thelypteris reptans

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  • native plant
  • shade

'Creeping Star-Hair Fern'  is a Florida endangered species that is not sold anywhere else. A highly variable fern that can give your garden a truly tropical look, its sterile fronds stay close to our native oolitic limestone and don’t typically exceed 10 inches long.  Fertile fronds are longer, more erect, and arch back toward the ground.  “Reptans” means crawling or creeping, and refers to the fern’s ability to form roots (and new plants) at the tips of fertile fronds. Thelypteris reptans is typically found growing on limestone rocks, so it is a good addition to a rock wall or rock garden, but can be grown in a container. For planting in the ground, choose areas with full or nearly-full shade, without heavy leaf litter. Place it near native oolitic limestone and it will spread. (Pot size: 6")

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