Anthurium hybrid (maroon form)

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  • partial sun
  • shade

This Anthurium hybrid is a captivating and exquisite aroid that is an F2 seedling from Anthurium x Marie, with leaves emerging maroon. The unique ripple-edged foliage imparts a majestic quality in the garden, reaching a height of over 5 feet. Anthurium hybrid (maroon) favors moisture yet appreciates intervals of drying out in between. With increased light exposure, the leaves can transform into varying shades of maroon. The spathes that encase the flowers display a deep purple hue, while the ripe seeds are a vibrant red. Anthurium hybrid (maroon) can reach a height of over five feet, so for those who appreciate grand, textured leaves, it presents an alluring choice. Its unique characteristics and adaptability will make it a delightful addition to your plant collection. (Pot size: 3 gallon)

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