Bulnesia arborea

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  • full sun
Verawood is a tropical, evergreen, flowering tree native to the coastal forests of Colombia and Venezuela and introduced to South Florida by Dr. David Fairchild. This low growing tree is an excellent choice for small yards, patios and small-scale landscapes. It will eventually grow to a height of 20-30 feet. The spreading, rounded canopy creates dense shade. Besides the beauty of the rounded canopy and the dark green leaves, the main ornamental value is the brilliant golden-yellow flowers that are displayed for several months. Bulnesia arborea can tolerate poor soils, so it does well in South Florida. Needs full sun and well-draining soil. Use as a specimen tree, accent tree or shade tree. Verawood is a relative of our native lignum vitae (Family:Zygophyllaceae) and has a similiar shape, but grows much faster. (Pot size: 3 gallon)
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